Heather has called the Fort Worth area home since 1995, after growing up as an Army brat and preacher's kid. She's married to her college sweetheart, Chris (Sic' Em Bears!). Their kids include Collin (1999) and his wife Elizabeth (1999), Cooper (2001), and Caris (2004). Heather is the co-founder and executive director of the nonprofit organization, The Adoptee Collective, which offers lifetime adoptee support and post adoption resources, as well as pre-adoption education. Heather is also a TBRI® Practitioner. Heather has authored and published multiple books and she finds joy in using her gifts, time, and energy toward her life goal to finish empty.
Reading Book

21-Day Reading Challenge

The truth is not that I lack free time; it’s just that I’ve allowed my habit of scrolling and reading 280 characters or less to hijack the discipline it takes to sit and read a book. I’ve allowed myself to be too busy to read, even though reading has always been something I enjoy. So, I’m giving myself a challenge, and I'm asking you to join me.
Woman Reflects as Time Passes

20 Lessons from 20 Years of Mothering

No matter how much you want to punch the sweet older lady who says, “Oh, enjoy these days,” while your child pitches a fit in the middle of Target – I promise. You will one day BE that older lady, and you won’t even be able to help yourself as this dreaded phrase passes your lips.
Happy New Year headband

Reflections for a New Year

I find that looking back to consider the battles I’ve survived spurs me into a new year with greater enthusiasm. It whispers that I’ll keep surviving whatever battles or challenges the next year may bring.
boys playing ball

Five Simple Ways to Create a Magical Childhood

Sure, my kids might have been on a better team or had a longer resume for college applications if we had put them in more activities. Our avoidance of overactivity literally made us unpopular along the way. We’ve all lost out relationally by not being involved in all the things.
social media mom

Honor Your Kids on Social Media

Listen; I’m not saying we play pretend and cover up and try to project a façade of some perfect life. I’m just saying: Remember as you post and share that this bathtub beauty will one day be a tweenager who will have opinions about how many people saw her in her birthday suit, even if the photo was strategically taken.
college moms

Calling All College Moms

I'm finding that box club is far more than a social gathering to me. It's a tangible way to mother in this new season. It's building community with other moms and showing love to our college kids who are scattered all across the country. It's the perfect combination of my love of event planning, bargain shopping, and creativity.
college drop-off

Surviving College Drop-Off Day

The emotions swirled while my mind raced from his birth to this day and to whatever might come next. I forced myself to remember all those days led to this one and to trust the ways that we had feathered our nest prepared him to fly on his own. I prayed prayers of surrender and took deep breaths and chose gratitude that my little boy had become a young man who was pressing toward the next chapter.