Heather P

Heather P
Heather grew up in Texas and graduated from TCU. Since then, she has made her home in Fort Worth with her husband, her seven-year-old son, one dog, two birds, two frogs and way too many fish. She’s a sucker for a critter and an underdog. Heather has been a teacher for more than 15 years and is currently teaching third grade. She prefers mornings spent watching the Today Show with a cup of coffee and evenings spent on the porch with a margarita. She loves a good, long book, Blue Bell Dutch chocolate ice cream, and relishing every single second of summer.
woman working in bed

10 Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep

To inspire my fellow sleepless mommas, I polled the moms of Fort Worth Moms, and we have some ideas to keep you busy -- or at least entertained -- in the middle of the night.

How to Say No :: Five Beginner Strategies for the Recovering People Pleaser

Saying no is way better than doing something you don’t want to do with a rotten attitude, and it’s definitely better than killing yourself doing something you don’t have time for. What’s not okay is saying yes when you really mean no. That’s dishonest. It’s unfair to you, and it’s unfair to the person you are committing to.
Establish this discipline system at home to teach your child about consequences and rewards.

Big Feelings, Little Bodies :: 10 Tips to Help a Child Who Feels Out...

In that time, I learned a few tricks of the trade to help children working through big feelings, whether those feelings were triggered because you didn’t cut up the apples the right way or because your child is wrestling with anxiety.
Chips and Salsa, everyday traditions

Taco Tuesday and Other Everyday Traditions

It isn’t really about what we’re doing; it’s the fact that we are doing it together. The predictability and the priority are what make these moments into something a little more special. Honoring the ritual, looking forward to the small everyday occasions and prioritizing them, takes ordinary moments and makes them memorable.
children's birthday parties

In Defense of Birthday Parties

As grown ups, we can do a little better here. We can teach our children to be kind, to make other people a priority. We can teach our children about why we have birthday parties -- not to entertain each other or to impress each other -- but to celebrate and honor one another. We can use birthday parties to teach about hospitality and gratitude.
woman walking

Too Blessed to Be Stressed?

Just because you are super lucky and very blessed doesn’t mean that it’s not okay to feel stress and pressure. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to say, “Wow! This is hard.”
girl covers mouth

Potty Mouth Problems and the Power of Bad Words

Bad words aren’t bad. They are passionate and evocative. Their specific connotations are irreplaceable. All that was fine and dandy until the day that my eight year old dropped a box of dominoes and yelled out, “Dammit!” at his great grandmother’s house.