Texas is deep in the heart of this southern girl. Heidi was born and raised in DFW. As a child, she remembers trips to the Fort Worth stockyards and water gardens, instilling Texan pride and now she and her husband have two boisterous boys to go on adventures with around Cowtown. She previously worked as a child abuse investigator but now works full-time for an education technology company. Heidi still finds time to pursue hobbies such as starting craft projects she’ll never finish and pinning elaborate recipes she’ll never make. Heidi is a long-time blogger, writing about recipes, politics, and family life.
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Four Simple Ways to Simplify Around Your Home

Over the years, I’ve tried different approaches to clearing out my house, and while I’m not perfect, I’ve come up with four solid rules to ensure I don’t get overwhelmed.

A Personal Plea to Keep a Journal

Honestly, it doesn't matter how you journal -- but as a daughter who very much appreciates the journals her mom kept, I encourage you to keep a record of your life somehow. I've been amazed at some of the things I've learned about my mom and the influence she had in how I parent my kiddos everyday.
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What I Wish I’d Known Before Getting My Kid Braces

My kiddo was very upset when he learned he needed braces. Being so young, most kids his age didn't have them. We were upfront beforehand about what having braces meant -- like not eating some of his favorite foods for awhile. But I wish I'd known the emotional toll this news might take, as I would have given him more time to process it before the appointment.
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Child Predators: Before Touching Even Begins

When another adult approaches your kid and offers something without your prior approval (even if right in front of you), this shows the kiddo that the other adult has a direct relationship with him or her, and it's okay to consent without mommy. Set the boundary early that your kids aren't allowed to take things from others unless you personally tell them it's okay. 
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Find Joy in Cleaning with These Favorite Supplies

I love to clean. People always look at me a little crazy when I say that, but it's true. There is nothing more satisfying than opening my doors, turning on the music, and cleaning the house! I love to clean when I'm upset, happy, or stressed! I think that having a clean home makes it easier for my family to be happy and to feel safe and rested.

When Building a LEGO Set Is the Most Important Task

I don't know why my son builds models and displays them in his room without playing with them, nor do I understand why they're important enough to cry over. But by taking a step back and seeing the situation not as an inconsequential toy but instead as a task my son was having to accomplish again, I better understood his devastation. 
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Covert Signs of Depression

Perhaps snuggling with your spouse doesn't soothe you like it used to, or watching your kiddos play doesn't bring the same smile to your face as it once did. Feelings that appear to have disappeared (though there's no reason for them to have done so) could be a sign that you're feeling the funk.