Texas is deep in the heart of this southern girl. Heidi was born and raised in DFW. As a child, she remembers trips to the Fort Worth stockyards and water gardens, instilling Texan pride and now she and her husband have two boisterous boys to go on adventures with around Cowtown. She previously worked as a child abuse investigator but now works full-time for an education technology company. Heidi still finds time to pursue hobbies such as starting craft projects she’ll never finish and pinning elaborate recipes she’ll never make. Heidi is a long-time blogger, writing about recipes, politics, and family life.

What Happens When CPS Shows Up at Your Door

Having CPS show up on your doorstep is a fear for many. As a former CPS worker investigating allegations of abuse and neglect in two states, I can understand the anxiety that comes from having CPS arrive in your life. No matter if CPS is at your door because of an unfounded claim or real honest-to-goodness concerns, here's some insight into what happens in an investigation.
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Out of Options: When You Have to Get Rid of a Family Pet

Deep down, I know I made the right choice . . . people have to come before pets. But, it will be a long time before I recover emotionally from losing our sweet pup.
three kids

Please Don’t Call Classmates “Friends”

While in an ideal world these groups of children would get along and become good friends, that's just not how it works. Classmates don't have to be friends anymore than adults have to be friends with a coworker or someone at church.
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Changing Spending Habits When You Grew Up Poor

When I got to college, having my own income was great . . . but so was the excitement of credit cards. Credit cards felt like free money! Not having a lot of financial experience up to that point, I didn't quite know what to do with all my newfound freedom.
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Surviving a Texas Summer When You Can’t Stand the Heat

I have many friends that spend their summers in the northeast -- a brilliant move. But some of us are stuck here in Texas during the most brutal months and need to find ways to survive. Here are some things that work for me . . . but if you have other tips for surviving the heat, PLEASE share them!
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Things I Learned from My Husband About Parenting

I'm a believer that moms and dads are divinely different. Every time I see my husband interact with my kids, I'm reminded of the unique things my husband brings to the lives of our kiddos. Some things just come more naturally to him than it does for me.
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How a Failed VBAC Healed My Soul

I ended up having a C-section after a failed, and premature, induction. I was saddened, and my heart was crushed. I felt like something sacred was taken from me . . . the option to birth my baby in my way.