Isis and her husband, Lee, are owners of enduraLAB, Fort Worth’s first endurance gym and proud parents to Jack and Isla. Isis blogs about her running adventures, which coincidentally involve chasing after her 2 year old, on her blog called The Running Couple. If you don’t catch her at the gym or on the trails, she is reading books with the babe, painting her nails with bright colors or cooking up paleo meals for the fam. She is a bit of a social butterfly, so follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and join her Facebook Group - Fort Worth Moms.

Jack’s Special Delivery: Mom Review of Little Pnuts {Sponsored Post & Giveaway}

Ding dong! Jack yells, "MOM, SOMEONE'S HERE." He's rushing to the door to open it, and I'm yelling at him something fierce like, "Don't you open that door." I open the door and to my...
bedroom furniture

Creating a Sleeping Space for Tired Mamas

Whether you have a newborn or a child in college, being a parent means sleepless nights. In my household with two little ones under three, no sleep equals a pretty lousy day and all...

Bella’s Story Time at the BRIT

Raise your hand if you are constantly looking for ways to tire your active children so that you might get about two hours (if lucky) of down time a day. ::raises both hands:: Lately I've been...

Healthy Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother's day is a special day indeed. It's a time where your beautiful little family shows their utmost appreciation for all you do. Many will get gifts, but we all know there is nothing...

5 Family-Friendly Races in May

The weather is starting to come around after what I am sure was the longest winter in the history of the Earth. This always makes me happy because it means RUNNING weather! Jack is...

Getting Rid of the Pacifier

Some children don’t take to the pacifier. But for those of you that do have "pacified" children, you know that taking it away is and will be no easy feat. I’m here to tell...

Belly Diaries: The No Fluff Hospital Bag

At 38 weeks pregnant with my second child I decided it was probably time to pack my hospital bag for labor and delivery. It had been about two and half years since I packed...