Proud to be raised in Burleson (shout out Kelly Clarkson), Jami was even the Elk mascot for her beloved Burleson High School. Jami's greatest pleasure comes from exploring the world and learning about all the beautifully unique people in it, so she started a business in the summer of 2021 taking groups of women around the world! Her business, Women Exploring the World has already taken women to experience Christmas markets in Bruges, Brussels; Paris, and London. They've also taken women to Costa Rica, Italy, Tanzania/Zanzibar, Scotland, and to Norway to see the Northern lights. Jami's greatest gift is her family, Corban, her beloved hubby; Jessy (born 2011); Maggy (born 2013); Lilly (born 2015); and Jude (born 2018). Besides running her travel business, Jami spends her days having adventures with her kids, homeschooling them part-time, assistant coaching PE, attempting to keep her brother and sister labradors out of trouble, keeping her son from killing their cat, and supporting her husband at his Edward Jones office downtown Fort Worth. Jami is a woman secure in God's love for her. He is her first love.
Open Christmas crackers filled with little toys as a Christmas Eve tradition.

9 Extra Special Christmas Eve Traditions

Luckily it gets dark so early in the winter it's no challenge to hop in our car after supper or after our Christmas Eve service and drive around looking at Christmas lights. We actually do this nearly every night in December before Christmas, but of course doing it on Christmas Eve makes the night so much more special.
Use these tricks and tips for posing for family photos with your kiddos.

How to Take the Best Family Photos with Your Kiddos

Schedule pictures at a time when your kids are usually awake and happy. For us currently this is around 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. I know it may not be the best time for sunlight, but if your kids are going to be crying in every picture that twilight shot may not be worth it . . .
A middle school teacher finds television shows from the 90s are still relevant.

My True Feelings About the TV Shows Toddlers Love

I feel like all four of my kids had a show they predominantly obsessed over. So I don't want to complain too much about my two year old's love for Blaze because I know firsthand IT COULD BE WORSE.
18 reasons to stop gossip and seek alternative options

How to STOP Gossip

Discover 10 reasons why gossip is a bad idea and hurtful and eight alternative options to handle disagreements and hurt feelings.
Flowers are like children in that they all grow different.

What Plants Taught Me About Children

Let’s not crush the fragile plants. Let’s not devalue those that don’t flower but have other purposes. Let’s not look down on those who bloom late. Let’s not dislike those who have more needs. Let’s not look past those who offer the most simple and basic things yet aren’t made to be especially "fancy" or unique.
Just because white people didn't enslave black people doesn't mean they aren't responsible for stopping racism.

But I’m Not Racist

It may not be our fault. We may be innocent in and of ourselves, but these are issues we have inherited and sadly they are now ours to deal with.
Jackie and Rachel Robinson showed strength during tough times in baseball.

I Want to Be a Jackie and Rachel Robinson

Jackie and Rachel's story encourages me to work to improve my own character and inner strength. Maybe in some area of my life I won't be the best, but maybe I can be the one whose character can handle suffering for the benefit of many others.