Proud to be raised in Burleson (shout out Kelly Clarkson), Jami was even the Elk mascot for her beloved Burleson High School. Jami's greatest pleasure comes from exploring the world and learning about all the beautifully unique people in it, so she started a business in the summer of 2021 taking groups of women around the world! Her business, Women Exploring the World has already taken women to experience Christmas markets in Bruges, Brussels; Paris, and London. They've also taken women to Costa Rica, Italy, Tanzania/Zanzibar, Scotland, and to Norway to see the Northern lights. Jami's greatest gift is her family, Corban, her beloved hubby; Jessy (born 2011); Maggy (born 2013); Lilly (born 2015); and Jude (born 2018). Besides running her travel business, Jami spends her days having adventures with her kids, homeschooling them part-time, assistant coaching PE, attempting to keep her brother and sister labradors out of trouble, keeping her son from killing their cat, and supporting her husband at his Edward Jones office downtown Fort Worth. Jami is a woman secure in God's love for her. He is her first love.
Mother breastfeeds baby while laying on couch and tickling baby's foot.

Breastfeeding Different Babies :: From a Mother of Four

I so clearly remember thinking: Why do people talk so much about labor when they should really be preparing you for nursing?! Labor is one to two days . . . . Nursing is all day and night for weeks and months, and maybe even years!
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Raising “Includable” Children

Of course, I want my kids, AND MYSELF, to be kind to everyone, but at some point we should also take responsibility for the ways we can help others want to include us. Here’s some of the big issues I’ve noticed that I am trying to help my kiddos work on so that others are more open to including them.
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Why I Keep My Spiritual Tank off “E”

When my spiritual tank is empty, I find no matter how "perfect" my weight, no matter how great my hair looks, no matter how much money and cool stuff I have, no matter how wonderful my husband or how precious my children, I am not at peace. Outside, things in my life may be going great, but that doesn't mean things within feel right.
Four Kids

Have Four Kids

Yes, having more kids means more work, more stress, more expenses, more sacrifices, and less sleep -- but the trade-off is worth it. More kids mean more strengths to go around, more joy, more laughter, and more love.
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Why I Stopped Dismissing Compliments About My Kids

Years ago, I decided I was going to have a loose script of replies that I can use when people give my kids compliments. Some responses I use a lot, but saying the same thing about my children over and over only helps them believe what I'm saying even more.
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Keeping Your Sanity While Moving with Littles

Recently, we packed up the four kids and two dogs and all our stuff and moved. Since having our first child, we have moved a few times, and although each move has been great for us, I find myself questioning my sanity during the process.
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Mom-scuses for Your Top Five Mom Problems

For one, you have a built-in excuse for basically . . . anything. Here's the short list of what you can get away with, and a "mom-scuse" or two for the occasion.