Joining Janie on the pursuit of life’s adventures while laughing along the way are Janie’s husband, Jared who is a flight school director and pilot, their angel baby, Jackson (2016) who passed away shortly after birth, and newest crew member, Jensen (2018). With an undergraduate degree in communication from UTA and a master’s in health communication from the University of Illinois, writing has been a creative outlet for Janie. Working full-time in healthcare, being involved at her local church, and volunteering with the Junior League of Fort Worth, Janie is passionate about serving people and holds a special place in her heart for women and children. When they are not headed to their next adventure, you can find Janie and her family creating their own adventure as proud Fort Worth residents.
Choking is common in young children

High-Risk Choking Foods and Tips for Food Safety

The reason why certain foods are a choking hazard is because children under age four lack the ability to properly grind food before swallowing, and they aren’t strong enough to forcefully cough if something gets stuck in their throat
How I am becoming more like my mother

5 Ways I Am Becoming My Mother

If it’s the one thing I look forward to most in being more like my mom, it’s in her bravery to face the unknowns in life. 
Learning the game of baseball

Learning Life Lessons and Love from the Game of Baseball

As with any strong emotional memory from our past, if the crack of the bat, the crunch of peanuts beneath your feet, or the tuning of the television or radio antenna to just the right degree brings back feelings of comfort and warmth, then you might be a longtime baseball fan.
Way we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day :: More than Rainbows and Feeling Lucky

By sharing stories about his ancestors and the history behind the most globally celebrated Irish day, I hope the humble beginnings and the open arms for all to join are not lost but rather embraced.  
Learn how to be improve your heart’s health

Women’s Heart Health :: Know the Facts

How many women have died since you’ve been reading this blog? Too many. Which is why I’m asking, pleading with all my heart, that you follow these steps to boost your heart’s health.
Practicing yoga can help promote mindfulness.

9 Easy Activities for Children (and You) to Promote Daily Mindfulness

Even at an age filled with constant energy and playtime, we can teach our children to find balance between experiences both outwardly and introspectively. Mindfulness is about exploring our state of mind while choosing to be kind and open with what we discover. 
Board games boost brain activity for kids.

The Best Brain-Boosting and Age-Appropriate Board Games

These are Fort Worth Moms favorite board games to get that noggin’ working, the kiddos (and you!) having fun, and a whole host of memories making.