Jen is brand new to the Fort Worth area and thrilled to call Texas “home.” A New Jersey native, she landed here by way of Washington, D. C., where she met her hubby Bob, and then Kansas City, Kansas where they welcomed four children. She is the proud mama of sweet baby Teddy, a lovely preschooler named Holly, and two charming elementary-aged boys, Bobby and Dan. Prior to enjoying full-time mommyhood, Jen worked on Capitol Hill and then dabbled in political communications and fundraising. She enjoys volunteering, traveling, family gatherings, two-stepping with her hubby, and meaningful conversation…preferably over a glass of wine.  Jen is excited to explore the great Lone Star State and discover all the reasons Fort Worth is so special.

“Mama, What’s an Ambush?” An Attempt to Answer Tough Questions

They don't tell you how hard it will be sometimes. Being a parent, that is. Every stage has its joys and challenges, absolutely. Recently, though, I was thrown for a loop. I'm pretty careful about...