Jenny is a West Texas girl who married her best friend and Baylor sweetheart, Chris, in 2005. She spent her 20s running marathons and traveling as a writer and photographer for a global ministry, Buckner International. In 2012, she and Chris became parents to son Miller and in 2015 to daughter Emmeline, who was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) – type 1. Now Jenny lives in Burleson, Chris’ hometown, and focuses her time on caring for her daughter and helping other families of medically-fragile children. Jenny loves Jesus, family, good coffee and wine, meaningful conversations, musical theater, shopping, and porch sitting. And an occasional run, or walk. Whatever. (Photo courtesy of: Uneartherd Photography).

Shop Local, Shop Online: Staying on Trend and in Budget this Fall

Whether you’re looking for animal print or camo, embroidered dresses or chunky sweaters and tunics (to go with all those leggings, of course!), these boutiques have got you covered. And the best part of all: They are all online! So you don’t even have to leave your home to explore what is in stock. Happy shopping!
teaching differences

Reflections on Raising a Child in a Wheelchair :: Part 2 — Teaching Differences

A little boy pointed at Emme and said “Why is she in that chair?” I answered, “It helps her move. Just like your legs help you walk, her chair helps her walk too.” The answer satisfied his curiosity, but his mother quickly apologized to us in front of both children. I understand why she did this, but it’s important that we don’t make our children feel ashamed for wanting to understand differences.

Reflections on Raising a Child in a Wheelchair :: Part 1 — Inclusion, Advocacy,...

I’m still relatively new to this world of special-needs parenting, so my lessons are raw. My eyes are opened every day to ways the world treats those with differences. So I proceed in humility to share what I’ve learned, and I hope that it enlightens some of you, too.
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When Your Friend Starts Selling Something

When you’re on the outside, you can’t see the hard work others are putting into it, or the ways it is helping them bless others. So if you have a friend selling something, here’s my advice to you: Stop rolling your eyes and start supporting your friends.
somber mother and baby

Five Things You Should Never Say to the Mom of a Special-Needs Child

I thought it was time to share some of the things you should NOT say to the mom of a special-needs child. Please know my heart in this -- not to shame you, but to help you re-think your words when trying to show you care.
bed sheets

What to Do When the Bed Bugs Bite

I started ripping the room apart, layer by layer. I couldn’t find anything. After checking the corners, the mattress, the box springs, and the bedding, I thought we might be in the clear. But then I saw it: one flat brown bug, the same size as the nailhead trim on our headboard, staring back at me.
mom in winter

The Surprising Truth About Moms Who Love Traditions

If you are one of these moms (like me), striving and planning and seeking perfection with every holiday ideal, it’s time to take a deep breath. There are things we can do to help manage our expectations and still keep the magic alive.