Jenny is a West Texas girl who married her best friend and Baylor sweetheart, Chris, in 2005. She spent her 20s running marathons and traveling as a writer and photographer for a global ministry, Buckner International. In 2012, she and Chris became parents to son Miller and in 2015 to daughter Emmeline, who was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) – type 1. Now Jenny lives in Burleson, Chris’ hometown, and focuses her time on caring for her daughter and helping other families of medically-fragile children. Jenny loves Jesus, family, good coffee and wine, meaningful conversations, musical theater, shopping, and porch sitting. And an occasional run, or walk. Whatever. (Photo courtesy of: Uneartherd Photography).
mom leaning on fence

Confessions of a Recovering Entitled Mom

No, motherhood is not a fairytale. And happy endings are not always guaranteed. But if we let it, motherhood will find a way to refine us all. And then, just maybe, we can become the mom – and person – we always dreamed we could be.
Burleson Love My Local

Love My Local: Burleson

Adjusting to life in a smaller town has been a process, but I can honestly say I have grown to love the character and charm this neck of the woods has to offer! Burleson continues to grow and attract new families, and there are lots of reasons why.
boy laughing - let them be little

Let Them Be Little (and Wear Ninja Turtle Hoodies)

I was driving my four–year-old son home from school when he caught me off guard with a discussion about . . . fashion. “Mommy, why wouldn’t you let me have that Ninja Turtle hoodie?” He...
how to help a friend

How to Support Your Friend Whose Child Has Special Needs

I used to think moms of children with special needs had super powers. They seemed so strong and capable to me, as if God had given them these special children because they were obviously best...
baby with hands on glass

The Day I Stopped Wishing for My Children to “Stay Little Always”

OK, I’ll confess. I’m a sappy mom. I like to keep old baby videos of my daughter on my phone so I can sneak a peek at her tiny face whenever I want. And one of...
baby girl with breastmilk

Donor Milk: How to Get It, How to Give

I used to think everyone struggled to make enough milk. Because, come on, breastfeeding is just plain hard. So when my second-born daughter's feeding issues catapulted us into a rare disease diagnosis and subsequent feeding tube...