Jessica is a Cherokee and Shawnee artist who lives with her five kids and their dog, Francis, on the west side of Fort Worth. The number one rule of their household is: Be kind.
A mom and teenager sit on the couch talking.

My Child Bought a Binder {and Not the Kind for Papers}

Did I handle that well? I don’t know. I would like to know more of what’s on my kiddo's mind. But I also know if he or she feels comfortable asking for what's needed, I'm here to listen.
pregnant belly

Determining Your Birth Plan

You can plan, but you don't always get the final say. Your baby and your body will decide most of your birth plan for you.
Retirement was a good shift for dad and daughter's relationship.

Dads and Daughters :: How Retirement Changed Our Relationship

Now that my dad has retired, I think a lot about how surprised I am at how much a relationship so foundational to my life can change, even after so much time.