Joanna loves doing life in Fort Worth! She has two cutie pie kiddos, Rhett, 5 and Layla, 4. She works full time in marketing and loves to run. Let’s be real . . . she likes to run because she loves donuts! She and her family are in a fight to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis because Layla has the disease. They could not be more in love with their team of doctors, nurses, and dietitians at Cook Childrens. Joanna says she tries to find joy in each day even though life gets absolutely crazy at times with a full-time job, two super fun and active kids, and doing treatments with Layla daily. She can many times be found in her kitchen trying out a new recipe from Cooking Light Magazine or Pioneer Woman. (Photo courtesy of: Beyond the Blue Studios).
Love My Local

Love My Local: Southlake, Keller, Roanoke

Way back in the days of rewinding and playing TLC's "Waterfalls," Bryan White's "Someone Else's Star," and Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" on my Boombox, I moved to Southlake, or Keller, or Roanoke. Back then the city planners couldn't figure it out. We were right on the edge of all three cities, and I had no idea how much I would grow to love living in the heart of all three . . . and still do! There is a sweetness to this not-so-small community that warms the heart. What makes me love it so? Well, glad you asked . . .
spin class

I Cried in Spin Class

Yes, you heard me. I cried in spin class. Don't worry, it wasn't the messy sob, but the gentle tears of a mom who was tired and needed some time to decompress and press...
hot chocolate

Best Hot Chocolate in Fort Worth {2016}!

Every morning, my kids see me grabbing one of my favorite mugs and filling it to the brim with coffee . . . hot, full of caffeine, and delicious. I have forever been in...
pumpkins, shoes, and cookies

Girlfriends Pumpkin Spice Party

Are y'all like me, embracing all things pumpkin with your whole heart come the first leaf to fall? That leaf fell, and I grabbed my flannel plaid scarf, chambray shirt, and favorite fall mug...
maple cinnamon oat hand pies

Let’s Bake: Cinnamon Oat Hand Pies

When your daughter brings you her little spatula from her play kitchen and says, "Mama, can you teach me how to use this?" You drop everything, put on an apron, and bake! In that...

Mom’s Guide to Cake Decorating

One of my favorite pastimes is letting the house get quiet, breaking out the mixer, whipping up some homemade buttercream, and decorating birthday cakes for my kiddos. As a mom, I don't have a...

Party Planning: A Cinderella Tea Party

Growing up I would probably classify myself as a girly tomboy. I played with Barbies, watched Jem!, and loved learning to bake little treats; but I equally loved catching lizards, hiking, and playing ditch...