Jody hid in the hills of Missouri until her husband, Caleb, rescued her and made her a Mrs . . . at least that’s the story he tells. A mere four years in and they’ve added a brilliant, big-hearted boy, Jude(2010) and an equally endearing, Oliver(2013) to their family. Still pretty amazed at the fact that she grew too tiny humans when she can’t even keep a rubber tree plant alive, Jody recently stopped traveling with a ministry conference team to stay at home and rough and tumble around with her boys. She loves Jesus, coffee, and big sunglasses, and keeps her inner gypsy alive by traveling whenever she gets the chance.
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What Is Love?

Appropriately coined, “The Love Chapter,” one of the most well known and oft-quoted Bible passages is 1 Corinthians 13. Many a bride and groom stand wide-eyed and clammy-palmed in front of God and everyone...

Learning to Play with My Children

My two boys, sweaty around the temples with sticky popsicle mustaches were riding their balance bikes on the deck the other day. They came up to screeching halt in front of me (“Whoa ....

Simple Summer Pleasures Not to Be Taken for Granted

If admission is the first sign of recovery, it’s time I make a confession: I am addicted to summer. Every morning that I step outside and take a hit of Vitamin D, sucking in the...

Getting My Body Back . . . and My Mind

I’ve been on a weight loss health-seeking journey for a little over two years, since the birth of my second son. I’m not one of those women that look back on my 19-year-old pictures with...

Ten Lessons My Mother Taught Me Well

Every year as Mother’s Day approaches so does an impending dread. The celebration of the woman who gave you life becomes bittersweet when you can no longer sit across from her sipping coffee and...

The Importance of Rest

I’ve been practicing a new habit lately. It’s a big one, requiring just as much, if not more discipline than the twice-a-week boot camp I’ve picked up, or the clean eating-tips I’m trying to...

Another Snow Day? Cheap Entertainment Ideas for Kiddos

I'm not sure about you all, but the last little bit of less-than-perfect weather has flipped our house topsy turvy. As much as I would like to think our family is all free-spirited and...