Julie is a Texas-born missionary kid that grew up in New Zealand and finally found her way back to Lone Star state, by way of Missouri and Tennessee. Back in the DFW area, she met her worship pastor husband, Jake, in 2011. In 2013, Julie gave birth to a feisty little boy named Jude. In the summer of 2016, Ella Jene was born and balanced out the family. Julie loves good coffee, thrift stores, and occasionally faking a New Zealand accent. She is also a teacher, a singer, a songwriter, an Alabama fan, a traveler, and a Jesus follower. She considers herself to be an expert in food, music, and mistakes. Julie tells stories about her life and the people in it over at The Potluck Diaries.
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My Broken Road to Motherhood :: A Story of Infertility

I had spent a decade becoming an expert about my own fertility. And in the end, it paid off in tiny cries and piles of laundry and sleepless nights.
Julie Mother's Day

Your Guide to Mom Phrases

Moms know pretty much everything, and they spend decades imparting their wisdom and instruction. And because kids are not always excellent listeners, moms often say the same things over and over. And this is how my wonderful mother came to be known for her famous phrases.
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I’ll Never Be in Style Again

Occasionally I scroll through Pinterest or Instagram to see what the cool kids are wearing. And here's what I am discovering: I will never be one of the cool kids. Maybe I never was. It's hard to tell. But just beyond the thousands of "I need Jesus and coffee" shirts on Instagram, there is a whole world of fashion/looking good/beauty tips that I don't understand.
Mother and Daughter

The Upside of Being an Old Mom

I am super comfortable in my own mothering style. I don't parent like my mother did. I don't parent like my friends did. Some days I don't parent like I decided I would yesterday. But I know that I am a more patient, loving mother in my 40s than I would have been in previous decades. I am confident in my ability to figure out how to raise these kids, even if I don't have all the answers today.
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Celebrating the Non-Romantic Husband

You know what I think is better than a candlelit bath? Clean laundry. I can run my own bathwater, friends. But those towels aren't going to fold themselves.
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When Motherhood Puts Your Dreams on Hold

I have mom friends that have put things on hold, too. They have put off master's degrees and writing novels and mountain climbing. We have all given up something. So, what's a mama to do when these dreams have shifted or paused or are canceled altogether?
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The Christmas Morning Breakfast You Should Be Having

The flavorless crumbly mounds of flour and water you have had before do not deserve to be called scones. So just brace yourself. Here they are, the world's best chocolate chip scones. (Or at least the best I have had.) Merry Christmas and Meri Kirihimete.