Julie is a Texas-born missionary kid that grew up in New Zealand and finally found her way back to Lone Star state, by way of Missouri and Tennessee. Back in the DFW area, she met her worship pastor husband, Jake, in 2011. In 2013, Julie gave birth to a feisty little boy named Jude. In the summer of 2016, Ella Jene was born and balanced out the family. Julie loves good coffee, thrift stores, and occasionally faking a New Zealand accent. She is also a teacher, a singer, a songwriter, an Alabama fan, a traveler, and a Jesus follower. She considers herself to be an expert in food, music, and mistakes. Julie tells stories about her life and the people in it over at The Potluck Diaries.

Please Don’t Call Me Crunchy

Hello, my name is Julie, and I am a cloth-diapering mama. We are not uncommon these days. Cloth diapers have made a comeback in a big way. Gone are the days of puffy plastic...

Parenting Through Pain

My toddler has learned to scream. He screams when he is happy. He screams when he is sad. He screams when he is angry. He screams when I won't allow him to throw my...

Mama on a Mission // An Open Letter to Businesses that Do Not Have...

Dear Businesses that Do Not Have Diaper Changing Tables in Your Restrooms, We love you. We do. We would not take the time to pack up a diaper bag, risk running into nap time with...