Junell is a born and raised Texan and grew up in Southlake. She attended Texas Tech, and then returned to the DFW area where she met her husband, Matt, and settled down in Grapevine to raise their family. She spent more than 10 years selling new homes for builders, but now works a corporate trainer for a real estate company and a writer in her free time. Junell was always an extreme girly girl, but life is funny, so she and Matt were given two boys instead, Landry (a hockey player in middle school) and Luke (a football player in elementary school)! Junell and Landry both have ADHD, which has prompted a passion for student advocacy and created many highly entertaining situations, which she loves to laugh about and share with readers. She has a blog, and you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
A mother holds her head in frustration as she grips a cup of coffee.

Anticipating Loss Is Also Grief

In a society that values perfection and pulled-togetherness, it can feel very taboo to grieve before a loss because it can seem like we've given up hope or are being pessimistic.
Stop being a martyr and ask for help.

You’re Allowed to be Exhausted with Older Kids

Now that my boys are older, I find myself asking "OMG, what happened?" on a daily basis. There's the overly packed calendar, homework I struggle to help with, the two sets of feet that are now bigger than mine, the amount of food (and subsequent grocery bill) that they eat.

The 10 Best Pies Places in Tarrant County

Whether you love math or it wasn't your strongest subject, we can all come together and agree that the best way to celebrate is with some yummy pie!
Get Physical Rock Climbing

Amazing Activities for Preteens You Need to Know About

A lot of parks have become boring for my preteen. Slides aren't big enough, swings don't quite do it anymore, and there just doesn't seem to be a challenge like there used to be with the equipment. Anything he does is now a full-blown competition.
Don't Ignore Bad Behavior

How to Handle Behavior Issues with Someone Else’s Child

Nip bad choices in the bud early so the child can start to understand what will and won't be accepted in your home. 

Why You Should Join Your Child’s Parent Organization

Thanks to my kids' PTA, I have found a group of women and men with diverse backgrounds who have united under the common goal of promoting our children's education.
Don't Buy Too Many School Supplies

5 Things to Know Before Starting Middle School

Elementary school has readiness tests, thousands of blogs, kindergarten round-Ups, playdates, and Boo-Hoo/Yahoo Breakfasts. Middle school did not have those same resources, so I found that he and I were very much winging it as we went along.