From the sweet state of Wisconsin, Kae'leen moved to Texas after college. She met her husband, Evan, in Dallas but they have made Fort Worth their home. Together, they have three children whom they are homeschooling, plus one angel baby. Kae'leen and her children have taken on the 1,000 hours outside challenge. They love getting out to the parks and going "creeking." She loves checking out the locally owned and unique coffee shops, thrift stores, and bookstores and attending festivals around town, jazz concerts, and comedy shows. In her spare time, Kae'leen loves reading, writing, and getting back into art!
Childhood cancer is an unfunded medical field.

9 Ways to Offer Support to Families Facing Childhood Cancer

Unfortunately cancer was the number one cause of death by disease in children according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. Childhood cancer is a reality for many families. I have seen so many...
Women sit and laugh over lunch.

Changing Mom Friends

There are no feelings of guilt (or anger) if we forget to respond to a text for a few days or haven't spoken in weeks. We are just happy to see each other when we finally can make our schedules work.

How to Teach Children About Black History

Talking to kids about Black history teaches them they are able to feel the same emotions others have felt without having experienced the same situations and obstacles.
Birth can be a traumatic experience for mothers.

A Traumatic Birth Story :: What Expecting Moms Should Know

Mothers have been given the gift of strength. We handle our trauma in a variety of ways.
There are tons of local resources for help with suicidal thoughts.

Suicide Prevention and Support for Adults & Children in Fort Worth

Before we knew we would marry each other, my husband and I lived out our vow. To have and to hold . . . for better, for worse . . . 'til death do...