Katie F

Katie F
Texas transplant Katie moved from Washington State to the DFW area in 2013 with her husband, Jason. They have a son, Colter (2020) and a daughter, Millie (2017). Katie has been in publishing for more than 10 years, working at two national magazines. Now, she's a freelance editor, writer, and social media manager, which allows her time to be with her kiddos, as well as her horses, dogs, cat and chickens.

2021 Guide to Family Fun for Kiddos with Differences & Disabilities

FWM is proud to bring you the comprehensive guide to "Family Fun for Kiddos with Differences and Disabilities." You are sure to find something to entertain or educate your little ones of all ages -- whether at an accessible playground filled with children of all abilities, or at a sensory-friendly movie screening exclusive to special needs families walking your journey.
Fort Worth Moms brings you the guide to Easter events in the Tarrant County area.

2021 Guide to Easter Events

We blinked it and already time for Easter! That means egg hunts, activities, and festivities -- and, of course, a photo with the Easter Bunny. Check out our Guide to Easter Events to find the perfect way to celebrate.

2021 Guide to Indoor Activities

Eager to get out of the house? We know the answer to that question! Find fun in Fort Worth Moms "Guide to Indoor Activities." Each place is sure to keep your child active no matter if it's too hot or rainy or cold outside. 
Fort Worth Moms presents the latest guide to swim lessons.

2021 Guide to Swim Lessons

Fort Worth Moms is proud to bring you the “Guide to Swim Lessons.” This guide features options all across Tarrant County to help your family learn how to swim, improve water safety skills, and perfect those strokes.
Women helping other women through good deeds.

North Texas’ Finest :: 10 Women Making Our Community a Better Place

Fort Worth is fortunate to have boundless women doing good deeds in its community, and for that FWM is thankful. Selfless people have a beautiful way of inspiring others, and because we know they'd never toot their own horn, we thought we'd do it for them.
Fort Worth Moms presents a round-up of educational articles.

Ultimate Education Round-Up

At Fort Worth Moms -- surprise -- we ARE moms. We understand because we've been in your shoes (and are going through it ourselves!). We've found comfort and valuable resources in talking with other parents and educational experts, which is why we've done a massive round-up of education-based articles.
Find private schools in Fort Worth.

Guide to Homeschool Co-Ops, Private Schools, & University Model Schools in Tarrant County

Fort Worth Moms is proud to bring you our "Guide to Homeschool Co-Ops, Private Schools, & University Model Schools in Tarrant County." This guide features educational options all across Tarrant County to help you find the right fit for your family.