Katie F

Texas transplant Katie moved from Washington State to the DFW area in 2013 with her husband, Jason. They have a son, Colter (2020) and a daughter, Millie (2017). Katie has been in publishing for more than 10 years, working at two national magazines. Now, she's a freelance editor, writer, and social media manager, which allows her time to be with her kiddos, as well as her horses, dogs, cat and chickens.
Watch Halloween movies with your kids.

Halloween Movies for Every Age

We polled local Fort Worth moms for their favorite Halloween movies, and they delivered the spooky goods! From timeless classics to newer films, the list below is organized by the age group each mom recommended. 
Growing a garden with your kids can entice them to eat fruits and vegetables.

A Growing Fondness for Fruits & Veggies

Getting our daughter involved in growing, harvesting, and preparing food from our garden takes a lot of the "scary" out. I'm okay when she pops a fresh tomato in her mouth and doesn't chew it, because to me getting the fruit/vegetable in her mouth is half the battle.
Discover 12 ways to help and volunteer for families in Tarrant County

Hand in Hand :: 12 Ways to Help in Tarrant County

I’m asking, “What can I do to  lighten the load of others, and where can I get started?” And the good news is I don’t have to start from scratch (and neither do you)! Turns out there are a TON of organizations already set up that focus on difficulties in our communities and how to help.
Breastfeeding can be a special time for a mom and baby to bond.

Nursing Time is Our Time

Last night, my three-year-old daughter fell asleep on my lap while we watched a movie. Cradling her in my arms just like when she was an infant, I felt extreme nostalgia and longing for...
Kids who wear glasses need to feel supported.

The Truth About My Kiddo’s Glasses

Now that I'm the parent of a spectacled kiddo, I'm realizing how much of an emotional toll this could take on my little girl if I don't handle this transition carefully. Already when I tell neighbors, friends, and family that my daughter had to get glasses, they make remarks tinged with sympathy.
Confetti eggs are a fun Easter activity.

Back Up, Bunny :: Easter Activities for the Socially Distant

Many parents have children who are feeling the effects of isolation. Use this list to bring joy and hope into Easter as you teach them bigger life lessons about love and sacrifice. 
For women who work in office or stay at home, they are strong and equal.

I Work Mostly with Women

If you’re looking for your own voice, take it one day at a time. Look around you at the inspirational women in our own Fort Worth community. Women are paving the way one step at a time, and you can, too.