Katie F

Texas transplant Katie moved from Washington State to the DFW area in 2013 with her husband, Jason. They have a son, Colter (2020) and a daughter, Millie (2017). Katie has been in publishing for more than 10 years, working at two national magazines. Now, she's a freelance editor, writer, and social media manager, which allows her time to be with her kiddos, as well as her horses, dogs, cat and chickens.
coach tying soccer player's shoe

Better Safe Than Sorry :: Baylor Scott & White Emergency Hospitals Have Your Kids’...

When kids are roughhousing or playing sports, it's not a matter of "if" your kid will get hurt, it's more a matter of "when." That doesn't mean they should stop playing (I mean, kids are going to find a way to get bumps and bruises, even if we wrap them in protective bubble wrap), it just means that as parents we need to be prepared.
kissing a horse

Kids with Cancer Meet Cowboy Heroes

Western Wishes is dedicated to granting wishes to children at Western events. The goal is to take a "wish kid" behind the scenes and introduce them to cowboys and cowgirls, while providing an experience that makes them feel special and part of the action.
football on field

A Football Community :: On and Off the Field

Football offers young people a chance to witness in-person good sportsmanship, teamwork, fairness, winning, and losing.
woman laying on bed with pictures and messy hair

This Is Just How I Look Now

A quick glance in the mirror revealed a disheveled person with crazy-lady hair piled on top of her head. There were bags under her eyes, and I did not recognize her. But I don't think it's a phase. I think this is just how I look now. 
OnTech technician adjusting smart-home product in house

Work Smarter, Not Harder :: Use OnTech in Your Home

That's where OnTech comes riding to the rescue. OnTech is an in-home installation service that offers smart-home products, plus technicians who can install them in a snap. In most cases, technicians are available for same-day set up! 
toddler feeding chickens

A Lesson in Chores :: When the Animals Come First

Yes, we need to provide for our daughter, and her health and well-being override anything else in our lives. On the other hand, I want her to grow up understanding others depend on her, too. Pets and livestock require us to feed and water them on a daily basis. It's our responsibility to nurture and tend to their needs before we sit down and fill our stomachs with supper.
Confetti eggs are a fun Easter activity.

What Easter Means for My Non-Religious Family

To us, faith-based holidays aren't exclusive to members of congregations. It's a time to slow down and be thankful for what we have and appreciate the life for which we've worked hard. We choose not to attend church because it doesn't fit our mentality.