Katie S

Katie S
As a Fort Worth native, she knew she never wanted to stray far from home. After a short time at Kansas University, Katie came home to attend UTA. She is a very recently single mom to four children under four. Her twins, Harper and Scarlett, were born in 2016 after a struggle with infertility, and then she had two miracle boys, Miles (2018) and Max (2020). When she is not driving children to activities, Katie works as a real estate agent. In her spare time, which is now very hard to come by, she enjoys pilates, taking her children to Melt, or relaxing with a glass of wine and a home-cooked meal.
representative of miscarriage and infant loss

Why Don’t We Normalize Infant Loss and Miscarriages?

I think no one really speaks about miscarriages because it can make women who can't have a successful pregnancy feel inferior.
how to handle picky eaters

Why I Let My Picky Eaters Be Picky

I hope one day my kids will broaden their palate a little bit, but I do not try to push anything right now. Why? Keep reading . . . 
talking to grandparents via computer

Celebrating Grandparents During a Pandemic

As far as Grandparent's Day goes this year, my family is celebrating a little differently. We will continue to connect with my grandparents in ways that have worked for us during the pandemic.  Not only have these ideas encouraged and helped pass the time for my grandparents, but also have helped my children. 
Raising newborn twins is a difficult and rewarding journey.

The Baby Stage :: Twin Edition

The first two weeks with newborn twins is shocking. I did not have much experience with newborns, and now there were two.
The COVID-19 pandemic makes planning for summer difficult for moms.

The Dilemma of Making Summer Plans

Every day it seems like something is getting cancelled, delayed, or a decision will be made at a further point in time. For myself this is extremely difficult. To lose complete control over a situation like this has really forced me to change my way of thinking.