Kelly and her husband, Shawn, are both Fort Worth natives and proud parents to their eight-year-old daughter, Avery, the inspiration behind many of Kelly’s articles. In her time as a mom, Kelly has become an unofficial expert on the NICU, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and global developmental delays. She’s an open book about their experiences and is always happy to talk to other moms looking for guidance or just another mom who gets it. After being in corporate marketing for almost 20 years, craving more flexibility and time with Avery, she founded 314 Marketing Solutions (www.314marketingsolutions.com) in 2019, a full-service boutique marketing agency. She considers herself an expert in multi-tasking and counts her car as the main headquarters for her business, regularly switching being a special needs mom driving to and from multiple therapy appointments, activities, and business owner.
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Making the Case for Intentional Parenting

Being a parent is HARD work. We’re all doing the best that we can, but sometimes we can get so caught up in the moment that we don’t think about how things will affect our kids in the future.
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Surviving the Toddler Years

Toddler and tantrums often go hand-in-hand. But, I would suggest that at least 90 percent of the time, tantrums start because the expectations we have of our children are simply too high. We put them in situations they are not equipped to handle and then guess what happens . . . they explode.

7 Reasons Moms Should Love Tennis

Today, I’m here to tell you why tennis is one of my main sources of happiness. And more important, why it can be one of yours, too! Even if you've never picked up a racket.
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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Keeping Your Baby Safe and Healthy

Consuming extra water can actually be deadly for a baby. It causes the sodium level in their blood to drop. This can lead to brain swelling, which can cause poor feeding, extreme exhaustion, seizures, and eventually death.
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The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Losing Weight

I recently found myself with the desire to lose a few pounds, but quite honestly, I wasn’t willing to commit myself to a diet or crazy exercise plan. So, instead I came up with some lazy ways to lose a little weight that didn’t really require too much of a lifestyle change.
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A Letter to the Woman Raising My Child :: Confessions of a Working Mom

This is my letter to her. I’m sharing it here in hopes that it resonates with other mommas in similar situations. To those mommas who work outside the house, trusting your child with someone else is HARD. I only hope you are as lucky as we are in finding the right person or people to trust with your most precious possession(s).
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Special Needs Parenting — When It’s Okay to Just Be a Mom

It hit me. Not only did I really need a nap, because I was trying to get a cat to talk, but it also made me step back and really think about the time I spend with Avery. I spend so much of it working on the things she’s doing in therapy that I tend to I lose sight of my number one job as her mom: to love her unconditionally, to really be there in the moment as her mom, not her therapist.