Krista grew up in Arlington, Texas. While she was in undergrad at Texas Tech she swore she would never return, but after falling in love with her brother’s high school friend, Micah, that plan quickly fell out the window. Two kids later, her family’s roots are deeply planted. Krista spent the first six years of her professional life as a behavioral specialist working with students who faced emotional and psychological challenges, but, after having children, she quickly realized she had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Since leaving her career in the school district, she has owned three different businesses. She currently spends most of her kid-free time teaching families how to improve their health with natural approaches, as well as empowering mothers to tap into their inner, God-given awesomeness! Although she believes deeply in the importance of living a natural, holistic lifestyle, balance is her number one goal (because, margaritas!!!).
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THAT Kid? He Needs You.

Remind your kids that bad choices do not equal bad kids, and then begin to steer the conversation towards the things that child does well. Every child has something to praise. Challenge your child to "catch them being good" and give them a compliment when they do! 
Instant Pot Freezer Meals

Fear Not! The Instant Pot :: Freezer Meal Edition {Video Demo}

This kitchen appliance has completely revolutionized the way I cook, and has radically diminished the stress of the after school, feed-the-children-dinner, do-all-the-homework, get-kids-to-sports-practice-madness! In this edition of "Fear Not, The Instant Pot" we will give you a few ideas on how to make your dinner preparation even easier by doing a little prep work in advance.

An Open Letter to American Ninja Warrior

When I first turned on American Ninja Warrior last year, I must admit: We were just hoping to be entertained without having to do too much repair work with our kids afterward. Imagine my surprise when the first ninja fell short of his goal, and lept out of the water with a big ol' grin stretched ear to ear. What a breath of fresh air! 
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Lyme Disease and Tick Borne Diseases: Early Detection and Prevention Tips

I feel a sense of responsibility to equip my fellow mommas with some early detection tips along with some easy prevention suggestions. It is my hope that, if you tuck this information into the back of your mind, you and your loved ones will be spared from living with Lyme or other tick borne illnesses. 
Piggy Bank

The Ultimate Guide to Teacher’s Freebies and Discounts

It's no secret that we love teachers here at the Fort Worth Moms Blog, but dozens and dozens of businesses love them as well! We have compiled a list of businesses that offer exclusive discounts for teachers to show teachers just how awesome they are. 
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The Mediocre Mom’s Summer Bucket List

Here I am, friends, a proud Mediocre Mom, bringing you my Mediocre Mom Summer Bucket List. Remember: There are no rules, there is no shopping list, and you can cross as many or as few things off the list as you want (because, let's be real, sometimes Mediocre Moms forget to look at the Bucket List until the last week of the summer).

Tribal Birth: The Importance of Your People

There is something incredibly powerful about being surrounded by a group of friends and family, all working together towards one common goal. Sure, I was the one who was enduring hours and hours of back-to-back contractions, back labor, and sheer exhaustion, but my village stood in the gaps and filled in where I simply could not.