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One Mom, Four Kids, and the Great Debate

When you become a mother you are automatically pushed into the middle of the breast-fed verses formula-fed debate. Which is better for baby? Which makes you a better mother? The answer is neither of them...
Salt Painting | Fort Worth Moms Blog

Keeping Kids Busy: Salt Painting

During the hot summer months it's hard to come up with enough fun activities that will keep three big kids, one baby, and one momma entertained and out of the heat. I've quickly started...
Fun and Sun at Burger's Lake | Fort Worth Moms Blog

Fun in the Sun: Burger's Lake

As a kid in California, my family was at the beach practically every weekend during the summer. I wish I could say this means I’m some awesome surfer chick, but I’m not. However, I...
cloth diapers

Cloth Diapering 101

When I was pregnant with my first baby, cloth diapering her never crossed my mind. It also never crossed my mind while pregnant with my second and third babies. At that time I still...

Family Fun at Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Since moving to Texas in 2004, my husband and I have often frequented the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. I was first introduced to its beauty when the company I worked for took my department...