Graduate school brought Laura from her beloved home state of Colorado to Texas (hard to beat the Rocky Mountains!), and meeting her beloved husband Jonathan convinced her to settle here. Now the two are overjoyed and exhausted parents to sweet Christopher (2015) and a little girl on the way (2017). In addition to her role as a mama, she also works full time as a clinical psychologist working with military veterans who continue to amaze her with their strength and humor. When she’s not busy juggling career and parenthood, you can find her cycling, enjoying local culture (and food!), baking, “hiking,” and embracing her love of travel.
Always wear a helmet when riding bikes.

How to Get Your Kids to Wear a Bike Helmet

Prior to my accident, I would see kids and adults riding down our street without helmets and barely notice. Now, I have the urge to go full-on "old lady on the porch shaking her fist." 

Loving and Understanding Children with ADHD: Busting the Myths

Would we ever ask a type-1 diabetic to "try harder" to make insulin? Of course not. So why do we ask kids with ADHD to "try harder" to make dopamine available to their brains? Let's bust ADHD myths.
Coping with holiday stress and family dysfunction is hard.

Coping with Family Holiday Stress in the Time of COVID

There will be disappointments and sadness and anger this holiday season. But there can, and will also, be love.

The Hidden Emotional Trauma Parents Don’t Realize They Inflict

The better we understand our emotions and internal experiences, the better equipped we will be to healthfully navigate whatever life throws our way. The experience of being emotionally validated is the foundation of this "emotional IQ." 

Eating My Feelings :: Breaking the Cycle of Emotional Eating

So it's no wonder that most of us have used comfort foods to soothe uncomfortable emotions at some point. I mean, it works . . . temporarily. Personally I've eaten away sadness, anger, boredom, anxiety, you name it. And yeah, it helped me to escape my awareness of that feeling . . . temporarily. 
Learning to ride a bike and other events can cause anxiety in children and adults.

The Number One Way to Make Anxiety Worse in Kids and Adults

if my years as a clinical psychologist (and human) have taught me anything, it's that one of our most common reactions to anxiety is what actually makes it WORSE. Yep, way worse.
sweet sleep editorial series

Mommy’s Top Sleep Mistakes and How to Turn Them Around Tonight

There are also habits of our own we can change to improve sleep. I've narrowed down my top five sleep strategies for moms.