Laurie H

Laurie H
Laurie, known to many as “L,” is an only child born in Cleburne, Texas. She grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and relocated back to Big T almost 20 years ago. Laurie married her husband Taiwan in 2006, and they’ve collectively raised three sons and a daughter. Her professional experience includes working for city municipalities, independent school districts, and as a youth case worker. In 2015, she became the owner of CakePopsByL, a cottage bakery boutique. When she’s not filling dessert orders, she spends the majority of her time creating innovative digital content for more than eight social media accounts, where she shares recipes, baking tips, and cooking tutorials. She’s a self-proclaimed chef and spends a lot of time in the kitchen filming content and preparing delicious meals for her family. Laurie is a homebody who considers herself an extroverted introvert. She likes to travel, spend time with her family, and feels most rewarded when she’s teaching and helping others.
Adult and children's hands of different skin tones join in a hands-in clasp like a team.

5 Things I Wish I Had Done Differently as a Stepparent

A stepmom's reflection on what didn't work when becoming a stepfamily, and what she would do differently if she could turn back time.
Scrub top

Emergency C-Section: I Wish I Had Been More Prepared

If I had taken into consideration the possibility of other delivery methods, such as a C-section, I’m sure I would’ve been more prepared.
It's easy to feel burned out as a mom, especially a working mom.

Parental Burnout :: The Next Health Crisis?

  Are you a parent who’s been feeling unusually overwhelmed, super emotional, easily irritated, extremely exhausted, and detached not only from others (your children and family), but from yourself as well? Has parenting become more...
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Voila . . . Delivered!

While my doctor was trying to suit up and the nurses were trying to get the bed into delivery position, with no help from me, Desmond literally jumped into the world and had to be caught by one of the quick thinking interns.
well woman's exam

The Dreaded WWE . . . And I’m Not Talking Wrestling!

The yearly pap smear, now more affectionately known as the WWE or the Well Woman Exam, dare I say has never been the highlight on any woman's calendar. We all know and acknowledge the fact that it's something that needs to and should be done at some point in time, but the tricky part is: When? With whom? And just how often is it really necessary?

Dispelling Four “Only Child” Myths

I just realized that even though I'm an adult I still tell people that "I'm an only child," when asked whether or not I have siblings. Besides, the term "only adult" just doesn't sound right, so for the remainder of this post, I'll simply refer to us as "onlys." The following four words are ones that I've heard the majority of my life as pre-judgement of my character, simply because there were no other children being raised in my household. Spoiled Lonely Anti-social Selfish
Laurie H

Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself: Hi, I’m Laurie

Today I was asked a question that used to be so easy for me -- a question that I realize I've forgotten how to answer. Today I learned something about myself I didn't know....