Len is a mother to four, who range in ages from 19 to 33, and a Ma to one spunky four year old. She's lived in nine states, but Len and her husband have called North Richland Hills home for the last 22 years. Her youngest child has many rare medical syndromes, and she's thrown herself into medical research and helping others going through the same circumstances.
Teach children to budget as a life skill.

Life Skills :: Education Outside the Classroom

They need to know life skills, like how to sort the clothes, run both the washer and dryer, and even how to iron. It’s a bonus if they can sew on a button or make a quick repair.
Rainbow babies are reson to rejoice.

Your Rainbow Baby :: All Feelings Are Okay

This is your story, and it’s personal. Some will find it healing to talk about it, and some will never mention it. And that’s okay.
Moms plan dinner menus.

Simplify Dinner :: {FREE} Meal Planning Template

Dinner sounds like an easy enough thing, but so much goes into it. Do you have all the ingredients? Did you remember to set meat out to thaw? Do you have time to make it? Moms have to answer these questions every day.