Nikki is a native Texan, originally from Cypress. After marrying her husband, Randall, and being convinced to move to the arctic (just kidding -- Michigan) for a few years, she is excited to be back in Texas thawing out and learning her way around Fort Worth! In 2015, Nikki and Randall decided to become foster parents, and she is now a stay-at-home mom to foster children, as well as long-distance stepmom to a teenage boy. She has been 'Mom' to six kids and counting, always wondering what (or who) the future will bring!
Flowers are like children in that they all grow different.

Our 6 Favorite Springtime Activities

I have always had an affinity for springtime. Sunshine, pastel colors, bluebonnets, baby animals, baseball, rain showers, leaves on trees, and the list goes on. Really, what's not to love?

Balancing Joy and Grief on Mother’s Day

I am grateful there is a date set aside on our calendars to honor moms for all their hard work and sacrifice. However, I know firsthand that, for some, this day is just a painful reminder of loss.
Craft beers are a joy to drink.

11 Breweries and 22 Beers You Need to Try

I didn't have much interest in beer until I spent a few years living in craft-beer-savvy Michigan with my beer-smart husband. At his urging, I would always sip whatever beer he ordered, usually scrunching up my face in response to the flavor. Slowly, I developed a
Interview a potential childcare provider with a thorough list of questions.

Questions to Ask a Childcare Provider

When interviewing a childcare provider or person, use different types of questions to help determine if its the right fit for your family.
Remember and stick to New Year's Resolutions by writing them down.

This Year Try a One-Word Resolution

Picking one word helps to establish new habits and new patterns of thinking instead of driving toward a specific outcome. The idea is a perspective shift, which will be sustainable and lead to tangible results.

Building Attachment with Foster Children

Sometimes foster children struggle with attachment, sometimes it's the caregiver, and sometimes it is both. Research, study and commit to strategies that make everyone feel loved. And give them time to work.

3 Ways to Keep Your Little Ones Busy While You Watch Football (. ....

Football season is upon us, mamas. It seems like most of us either dread or celebrate the arrival of football, without much middle ground. If you are one of the latter, like me, you...