Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Sarah met her husband in college where they were both pursuing music degrees. After several fast-paced years in New York City, they settled in the Fort Worth area in 2013. Their greatest adventure began in early 2019 with the birth of their daughter Eleanor. Sarah currently works in the real estate industry. She enjoys practicing yoga, watching "bad" tv, perusing restaurant menus online, and pretending she can cook and host like the Barefoot Contessa.
Sundance Square is a great place to bring friends and family

The 6 Best Places in Fort Worth to Bring Out of Town Guests

I like to have a plan in advance so that I'm not scrambling to decide where to go and can pick the absolute best places to show off our fabulous city.
Friends celebrate Holi with colorful powder.

Celebrating Holi :: The Festival of Colors

Whatever your beliefs, we can all agree that celebrating love and throwing colors around sounds absolutely fun and joyful.
Enjoy cool treats like popsicles, sno-cones, and custard this summer in Fort Worth.

Ice Cream, Custard, and Popsicles :: Fort Worth’s Best Places to Get Cool...

Have you heard it's hot outside? This never-ending heat has us and our children craving cool treats to beat the heat.  And good news: Fort Worth has an abundance of delectable places to satisfy your...
Meet up with mom friends and their toddlers for a playdate.

20 Outdoor and Indoor Play Date Spots for Toddlers in Fort Worth

As a toddler mom, I love a good playdate. Toddlers crave interaction and stimulation. Parents of toddlers need camaraderie and solidarity.
Shop local baby boutiques in Fort Worth for newborns and babies.

Locally Owned Children’s Boutiques in Fort Worth

We have compiled a list of the best stores and boutiques where you can buy clothes, gifts, and other goods for all the babies in your life. These shops specialize in infants and toddlers, though most also carry items for beyond the age of two.