Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Sarah met her husband in college where they were both pursuing music degrees. After several fast-paced years in New York City, they settled in the Fort Worth area in 2013. Their greatest adventure began in early 2019 with the birth of their daughter Eleanor. Sarah currently works in the real estate industry. She enjoys practicing yoga, watching "bad" tv, perusing restaurant menus online, and pretending she can cook and host like the Barefoot Contessa.
Mom whispers to her child on city street.

What’s in My Shopping Cart :: Elder Millennial Edition

From compression socks to retinol, here are the items in my shopping cart now that I'm an elder millennial mom.
Grandpa carries his grandson on his shoulders, and grandma laughs with them.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Shaped the Way this Fort Worth Family Talks to Their Children

At some point, we parents start caring for our own parents, usually while we still have kids in the home. This season of life can be filled with joy and precious moments you'll want...
A woman eats a salad while working remotely at a restaurant.

Work from “Home” :: Best Local Restaurants for Working Remotely

Working from home has countless advantages, but sometimes you need a change of scenery -- and a substantial, not-homemade meal. Here are our favorite local restaurants to work from "home" in Fort Worth.
Boy loves getting his hair cut.

Local Kid-Friendly Hair Salons

Fort Worth and surrounding areas have many salons for children's haircuts. Whether you are looking for a fun experience for your kids or you need someone who knows how to calm down a nervous...
Moms playing with their baby.

15 Reasons Why I Love Being an Older Mom of Young Kids

Being an older parent has its disadvantages. For example, my age is screaming at me as I pick up my toddler and my knees creak. But there are also unique advantages that I love for us. 
A candle with stars on it is lit.

Infant and Pregnancy Loss Resources in Fort Worth Area

We have compiled a list of infant and pregnancy loss resources in Fort Worth Area, as well as online resources, for those recovering from such loss.
Playing pickleball is fun for the whole family.

Local Places to Play Pickleball

Though you can play on a modified tennis court, there are many regulation pickleball courts in DFW.