Though Shannon, a Mississippi girl at heart, and her husband, Paul, met on a mission trip in Florida, they did not get together until two years later when Paul played the sad, deployed soldier card. Six years, marriage, and two kids later, and Paul is still bragging that it worked! Shannon is a fun-loving mom to one busy boy, Benjamin Riley (2), and one sweet little girl, Autumn Merci (4 months). Although Shannon moved several times while her husband was part of the Army, she now proudly calls Fort Worth home. Shannon has enjoyed adjusting to civilian life and learning to run a home on a minimal budget. Some of her favorite things include garage sale-ing, traveling to new places, trying out new recipes, watching college football, and sipping a good glass of cold, sweet tea!
mom and sleeping baby

Mommy Needs a Time-Out: Go Ahead, Take Some “Me Time”

I know, I know. Just reading the title to this post seems silly (or siyyee if you are used to hearing a two-year-old's voice in your head all day). At first glance, it may...
two kids playing

How to Encourage Your Toddler to Play with Baby

I had heard all of the stories about how toddler boys were crazy to their younger siblings, often as a result of jealousy. The day we brought my youngest home from the hospital, I already...

Seven Kid-Friendly Christmas Crafts

Like many superb crafters, I am a copy crafter. If I see it, I can make it happen or at least tweak it to my version and make it happen. So, I truly appreciate...
Newborn baby

My Baby Was Almost Stillborn

My son is three today. As I recall all that today means to me, I can’t help but feel a huge wave of emotion. Of course, I am excited, happy, and joyful to be...

Love My Local: SW Fort Worth/Wedgwood

Almost two years ago now, we packed up and moved from the beautiful state of Hawaii to Fort Worth. Upon arrival, I longed for the short drive to the beach, missed the never ending...

How I Cut My Grocery Bill in Half

When my husband decided to go back to school, our family income was drastically cut. Desperately, I tried to find ways to save money. One area I felt that I had complete control over...

Why We Choose to Discipline in Love

When my husband and I were googley-eyed newlyweds, we began discussing our plans for the future one night: Save money, have kids, live on a cul-de-sac, white picket fence (my plan, clearly). While my...