Tess is an Arlington native, who only moved away for her time at Texas A&M University, where she obtained an early childhood through sixth grade education degree. After graduation, she moved back to Arlington, started teaching, and married the man of her dreams. She then pursued her masters in mind, brain, and education from the University of Texas at Arlington. She now has a beautiful two-year-old daughter. Tess is currently the director of children's ministries at a church in Arlington. She loves travel, nature, and being with family.
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3 Things I Wish I Did Before Coming Home with a Newborn

My husband and I did a ton of research and thought we were prepared for our newborn. As much as a prepared, there were some things I wish I had done before coming home with my newborn. 
Find a preschool, parents' day out, and childcare in the Tarrant County area.

Create Your Own At-Home Summer Camp, Fort Worth Style

You can do crafts, baking, or other activities at home that relate to your theme. If you are doing a theme of "Our Natural World," you can go on a hunt around your neighborhood of plants and animals. 
Engage kids in nature by taking them outside.

Ways to Engage Kids in Nature

In order to truly appreciate nature, you have to be still and reflect. Teaching a child to do that is not the easiest.
Children can have a hard time sleeping if he or she is scared.

The Night My Daughter Saw a Bear in Her Room

Around 2:00 a.m. on a Monday morning, my husband and I woke up to a shriek. It was our daughter yelling that there was a bear in her room. We rushed in to see...
Things don't have to look perfect this Thanksgiving to have gratitude.

10 New Thanksgiving Traditions for Your Family :: Pick One!

My daughter's contribution to Thanksgiving can be muffins that we make every year to share with family and friends. It makes it more special that my daughter made it. 
How to make a blessing bag

Local Community Service Projects and Volunteer Ideas for Kids of Every Age

One of my favorite serving activities to do is make sack lunches for the local shelter. We make turkey sandwiches with chips, fruit, and a dessert, and we put it in a sack lunch for the residents.
Connecting with other moms is important.

The Importance of Connecting

Sometimes motherhood is lonely. We are caught up in work, making lunches, setting appointments, and driving our kids everywhere that when we finally have time to ourselves, we just want to sleep.