Tiffany is an Alabama expat who has been married to Jason since 2005 and has called Fort Worth home since 2007. They welcomed Catherine in 2012 and Nina in 2013. Tiffany recently retired after 10 years of librarian life to focus full-time on doctoral work at the University of North Texas and part-time on health and fitness coaching. In her spare (ha!) time, she enjoys blogging at tiffanynorris.com, tweeting (@mrsmcbookworm), podcasting (OnTheGo.fm), watching sports (Roll Tide!), and walking with Fred, their Bichon Frise. You will rarely find her without a cup of coffee, and she is a big believer in the one-minute dance party.

Staying in Fort Worth After School

When I was growing up, I was guilty of romanticizing cities. I thought New York City was just like a Friends episode, movie stars were on every corner of Los Angeles, everyone in Dallas...

How I Met Your Father . . . Again

Hi, kids. Walk back in time with me a little to the year 2001. Social media wasn't a thing. Video on demand wasn't a thing. My cell phone was only to be used in case of...
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Can’t Miss Graduation Gifts

Graduation season is upon us, and, if you're like me, it's always been a bit of a challenge to get just the right gift for the senior in your life. My nephew graduated from high...

The Mom In The Yellow Hat: Lessons Learned from Cartoon Parents

My kiddos probably get a little more than the recommended screen time. We're working on backing off the built-in babysitter, but it's tough! In the meantime, one thing we have tried to do "right"...

Working in a Full House

During our 11 years of marriage, my husband and I have tackled almost all of the acronyms out there: DINKs (dual-income, no-kids); WOHM/SAHD (working outside the home mom, stay-at-home dad); WOHM/WAHD (working mom, work-at-home...
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Mama’s First Mammogram

Nothing reminds you of your age more than moving up an age bracket on surveys. Unless it’s going to the doctor, especially when she tells you it’s time to get a mammogram. Normally, women get...
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Fort Worth’s Top 20 on Instagram

Are you on Instagram? It's been my go-to, five-minute relaxation tool for awhile. Call me crazy, but it's calming to just scroll through the pretty pictures in between tasks, as a reward for a tough...