I already know I’m going to be emotional when they leave that day, and if I have learned anything in this process that it is okay to grieve during the holidays and even other times that they are not with us.
Though his body is moving slower and his words sometimes become jumbled and his thoughts flitter away before they are expressed, I am so proud to call him my father.
Maybe sometimes we can get so deep in our dreaming we forget the point, especially us planners. 
If you could only secure one thing for your child, what would it be? And we don't mean a Nintendo Switch, but more like . . . you can secure contentment, kindness, success, or faith. Things like that. What would you choose?
Learning how to create a fearless birth.

Creating a Fearless Birth

Whether you leave holding your baby in your hands or in your heart, I understand. To remind you that the pain in giving birth, whether physical or emotional, isn’t intense forever.
The big takeaway here is that learning disabilities do not affect a person's intellectual capacity. Instead, they affect the ways a person processes information. They create a gap between what a person is capable of and what they have actually achieved.
My daughter's contribution to Thanksgiving can be muffins that we make every year to share with family and friends. It makes it more special that my daughter made it. 

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