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Breastfeeding each of my kids has come with unique sacrifices, some with large learning curves and weeks of pain, but for me the gifts have out weighed the hardships each time. 
Four Kids

Have Four Kids

Yes, having more kids means more work, more stress, more expenses, more sacrifices, and less sleep -- but the trade-off is worth it. More kids mean more strengths to go around, more joy, more laughter, and more love.
Fort Worth Moms Blog has put together a comprehensive list of local breastfeeding resources filled with the support and encouragement needed to help you and your little one along your breastfeeding journeys.
As my daughter experienced being left out of new cliques with friends since birth and “mean girl” drama, I was shocked with what happened among my peers. Despite promises to the contrary, my mom “tribe” were unwilling to intervene.

Bedtime Battles

We have been so lucky with our children.  They have both always gone to bed very easily.  We rocked both of our babies to sleep every night until they didn’t want to be rocked any more.  With my first,...

Hey Mama, Take Your Time

He took time to admire the sky. "Airplane, Mommy, Airplane," he said. In this moment nothing else mattered. It took me away from of all of thoughts of "what if." Do I have dinner ready? What about the ants? What about the ground being too warm? Never mind all that.
In my previous life I had a job that I loved. I was a youth minister and in my opinion, really just got paid to have fun. Don't get me wrong, it was hard work, sometimes thankless, the...

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