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I am sharing this with you because it is absolutely imperative that your child continue practicing their reading and writing every single day over the summer break to maintain (at minimum), their current reading and writing level
I have successfully taught all five of my children to sleep through the night by six weeks old. If it sounds like I am bragging, well . . . I am.
Yes, I have made mistakes -- and I am still making them -- but my recovery time from those mistakes has improved. I am more confident in my parenting decisions and also more laid back on the little stuff. And as for play, I do play -- it just looks different these days. I have been promoted from playmate to director.
As your kids get older, the years might be split up into sports seasons and school breaks. It's a constantly changing way to divide the seasons of your days, months, and years. In addition to the big ones we all wait for -- the first time they sleep through the night, say their first words, go to school, drive, etc. -- there is also a long list of moments that are lesser known, but no less important.
Listen, I appreciate that you have provided me with the opportunity to use the bathroom without interruption and to take a shower every day. I love that you have my three boys playing together and cheering each other on. I could kiss you on the mouth for seriously diminishing the number of times I heard "I’m bored" last summer, but come on. I miss my kids.
Knowing a virus is wreaking havoc in our world is weighing heavy on pregnant women. The uncertainty makes it hard to really feel good about the future. It causes doubts about whether going back to work is a good idea or if allowing visitors in your home would harm the new baby.
We live in an age where we can read about the experience of 50 different moms’ experiences breastfeeding within an hour and yet I’ve found all that really did for me was lead to overwhelm. Anyone with a platform can spew misinformation about breastfeeding.

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