As much as my students see themselves reflected in the main characters, I am reminded I need to be the parent and teacher who is there for them and helps see the valuable lessons in their struggles. 
Later that night, my oldest daughter told me, “Sometimes all we want you to do is ask us our opinion on things like celebrating Valentine’s Day."
I think kids need to have age-appropriate awareness of serious issues. Problems like rape, human trafficking, and pornography can affect his or her life and should be discussed.
I know my teenage son sees his future with an excited, adventurous heart. But there are a few things I hope he knows or is willing to learn as he enters this upcoming season of life. 
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Enjoy the sweet memories of snuggling on the couch and bedtime kisses but appreciate the independent, free-thinker you are raising.
If I had believed the hype, I might’ve missed the joy of mothering teens. Our mindset and attitude dictate our experience and our kids are intuitive.
Listen, I appreciate that you have provided me with the opportunity to use the bathroom without interruption and to take a shower every day. I love that you have my three boys playing together and cheering each other on. I could kiss you on the mouth for seriously diminishing the number of times I heard "I’m bored" last summer, but come on. I miss my kids.

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