Fort Worth Moms is proud to bring you our "Guide to Homeschool Co-Ops, Private Schools, & University Model Schools in Tarrant County." This guide features educational options all across Tarrant County to help you find the right fit for your family. 
PlayWisely offers parents a way to prepare children for learning environments like no other. It is a program that reaches below the rote memory of learning facts and gives young brains the exercise and experience needed to thrive in classrooms, on playgrounds, and at home.
I started the meeting by asking if I might give some perspective, noting that I had failed to offer them important insight to my child. Instead of assuming they knew what I did, I asked if they would allow me to help them understand my child so we could all work toward solutions.
I would love to share a few things from my "bag of tricks" with you in an effort to save you all some of the stress that can accompany an online learning platform with an ADHD child.
We see what teachers are experiencing in the classroom and out of the classroom in the pandemic.

Dear Fellow Teacher, I See You

I see you all. I am here for you all. I stand with you all. None of us went into the teaching profession for the fame and fortune it brings. We chose this career because of our desire to help others. And sometimes, it is the teachers, themselves, that need the help.
I contacted the moms interviewed for the May piece to find out what decisions they made for fall schooling. Did their questions get answered? Did their ideas and choices evolve over the summer?
Beth and Emily chose different schooling options for their kids. They talk about this civilly. They are still friends. Be like Beth and Emily. ;-)

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