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It’s easy — too easy — for a mother to neglect her self care when it comes to beauty and fashion. Let this fashion + beauty category be a place where you stay in touch with local mamas about clothes, beauty products, and other related topics.

Fort Worth Moms publishes original, personal stories and advice from local moms, as well as relevant and fun information for those of us in the trenches of parenthood. 

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Oh, to be pregnant during the fall. Standing on your puffy feet all day drinking O'Douls at tailgates just isn't quite as fulfilling as you imagined it would be. Drinking decaf Pumpkin Spice Lattes doesn't give you that one-two punch of...
I love having my lash extensions because I feel so much more feminine and put together with them on. BUT eyelash beauty comes with a high price (and I'm not just talking $$).
WHO LOVES JEWELRY?  Sometimes as a mom, it is that extra *umph* we all need to complete an outfit and make us feel great (even though we weren't able to grab a shower!).  One lucky winner will be given...
Disclaimer :: Although this post is sponsored by VarageSale, FWMB owner Emily Y tried out Varage Sale services and crafted her own review of her experience.  My youngest is leaving the infant stage behind in a blur of first steps,...
Ever wondered how much plastic surgery costs? Or what questions you should ask during a consultation? Or what in the heck is the difference between a mini and a full tummy tuck? Dr. Emily Kirby has the answers!!!

Can Moms Be Sexy?

Tonight at dinner my husband told me I’m sexy. And my three year old repeated it. And just like that, a compliment that would ordinarily make my day made me feel something entirely different. I blushed and cringed and thought about...
I know what you're thinking, "A tattoo? But I'm a mom! Moms can't get tattoos." Au contraire. You absolutely can, and should, get a tattoo. Here's the deal, you're {likely} not a careless teenager anymore. What you like now, you will like for more of your life than not. Which means, you're less likely to end up with serious tattoo regret. Why not celebrate your adulthood with a little personality-expressing tattoo?!

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