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It’s easy — too easy — for a mother to neglect her self care when it comes to beauty and fashion. Let this fashion + beauty category be a place where you stay in touch with local mamas about clothes, beauty products, and other related topics.

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Now that I'm the parent of a spectacled kiddo, I'm realizing how much of an emotional toll this could take on my little girl if I don't handle this transition carefully. Already when I tell neighbors, friends, and family that my daughter had to get glasses, they make remarks tinged with sympathy.
Before babies you liked, maybe even LOVED, your hair. You made your happy hour appointment every 6 weeks with your beauty bestie known as your hairstylist. You had wine, gossiped and tried the newest go-to beauty products. Fast forward...
We are always on the hunt for products and services that make mom-life easier. Some products we love, some are “eh,” and some are “no, thank you.” However, we do have our FAVORITES. So, here you have it: Our real-deal, truth-be-told, for-sure favorites from 2019.
"Mommy, where is your underwear?" I was caught, quite literally, with my pants down. Summoning a carefree expression, I replied, "Mommy isn't wearing underwear today. When you're a grown up, you can choose if you want to wear underwear." In the...
If you are anything like me, you initially sauntered onto Pinterest with curiosity and naiveté. Maybe you wanted a place to keep all those wedding and baby room ideas. Or maybe you had heard all the hullabaloo and just...

Put Your Clothes Back On

In my formerER life, in the 90s, I lived in small town Iowa about 2 years after grunge made its messy plaid debut. In the Heartland, that look kept us going until at least 2001. My dad must have breathed a sigh...
Disclaimer :: Kirby Plastic Surgery sponsored this post and provided helpful information about the benefits of utilizing a professional skincare expert.  How many of us can honestly say that we take better care of our skin now than we did before little ones...

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