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I don't remember much from the delivery -- but I remember hearing him cry for the first time. I remember my husband telling me how incredibly beautiful he was -- the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. I remember seeing him in the incubator as they wheeled him out of the room to the NICU. I remember feeling relief as I drifted to sleep. My baby was okay. My baby was healthy. My baby was PERFECT.
The journey is one that we may not understand unless we live it. Therefore, as a friend, we have to teach ourselves to be the best friend we can be as they go through the good and bad times. As the years have passed, I am learning the do's and don'ts of being there for my friend.
To inspire my fellow sleepless mommas, I polled the moms of Fort Worth Moms, and we have some ideas to keep you busy -- or at least entertained -- in the middle of the night.
Children who have anxiety and are scared ay lash out in anger.

Addressing Childhood Anxiety

Identifying that your child is struggling with anxiety is the first step. Knowing what to do in order to help them, well, that can be the hard part.
Once we begin to accept some conflicting emotions, we also receive the benefit of greater self awareness. We can process life's ups and downs much more easily.
Beth and Emily visit with Dr. Lea Feghali to discuss how potty training impacts pelvic floor health -- yes, pelvic floor habits for our littles. It is truly a fascinating conversation.
By now you've read the headlines, maybe watched the press conference, and likely have Googled "Ebola." Yesterday, September 30, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that a patient tested positive for the Ebola virus right here in the...

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Sensory play helps a child learn and then integrate the five senses: smell, touch, sight, hearing, and taste.
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