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What you may not realize is how COVID-19 is interfering with blood and plasma donations. With people social distancing and hunkering down at home, blood and plasma donations have taken a massive hit.
When another adult approaches your kid and offers something without your prior approval (even if right in front of you), this shows the kiddo that the other adult has a direct relationship with him or her, and it's okay to consent without mommy. Set the boundary early that your kids aren't allowed to take things from others unless you personally tell them it's okay. 
easter bunny with candy

Allergy-Friendly Easter

If you have an allergy or food-sensitive kiddo in your family, the holidays can be tricky. You may get some panicked calls or texts from grandparents or relatives asking what to do about Easter baskets and the egg hunt. Send them this kiddo-approved, allergy-friendly list of Easter treats and basket ideas that will make those little bunnies very happy! 
But I also found encouragement that -- with modern medicine, early intervention, support, and encouragement -- people with Down syndrome are achieving great things. 
What local OB/GYN is accepting new patients? That's the question we field many times through social media and our Neighbor Groups. So why not create a one-stop resource? This is our first ever "Guide to OB/GYN Physicians" and a guide we hope to grow as each year passes.
The sunlight, over time, can cause dark spots, wrinkles, and lead to skin cancer. We all must take under consideration the amount of time we will be in the sun, the time of day, and available shade to decrease the exposure.
Let's talk about snakes for a minute, shall we? I know. You'd prefer a more pleasant topic, but it is snake season in Texas. The creatures are out and about, soaking up the sun, and (like the rest of...

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