The state of Texas is No. 1 in many areas, but, unfortunately, this includes No. 1 in pool drowning deaths. Within Texas, Tarrant County was declared by the Texas Department of Health Services to be the leading county for reported drowning...
There is a variety of pediatric services at your local Baylor Scott & White Emergency Hospital facility -- without your sick or hurt child waiting in a crowded ER or for a call back from the pediatrician. These facilities are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and boast an average wait time of less than 15 minutes (not even a full episode of Doc McStuffins).
First, you have the heart-wrenching pain of watching your child struggle. You feel helpless as you watch doctors and nurses do the thing that you’re supposed to be able to do: make your child feel better. Add to that stress and lack of sleep, and you’ve got a pretty terrible combination.
Sensitive children become overwhelmed easily and feel emotions in a big way. They are easily overstimulated, and may throw tantrums. They may have sensory issues such as being bothered by loud noises or feeling uncomfortable in certain types of clothing, or may have food aversions.
The Setup If you're between the ages of 22 and infinity, you are well aware that wedding season is in full effect. This particular wedding was a fabulous black tie affair at a DC country club in late September. The...
One minute they’re fine and the next, they’re on the floor throwing the tantrum of their life, leaving you to wonder what on earth caused this drastic change? What most parents may not realize is that what may look like a child misbehaving may often be related to his or her seven senses.
Disclaimer :: Kirby Plastic Surgery sponsored this post and provided helpful information about the abdominoplasty process and procedure. Pregnancy, childbirth, and everything that follows can be incredibly magical. Unfortunately, it often also leads to frustrating changes to your body that cannot be corrected through...

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Guide to Preschools & Parents’ Day Out

We've compiled a list of Tarrant County schools that are great options for your little ones. You’ll find a variety of curriculum choices, pricing options, and time slots.