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The Secret Behind Staying Fit

Disclaimer ::  BODYARMOR sponsored this post and provided FWMB Contributor Meagan with complimentary product. These words are her own opinions and ideas. The secret behind staying fit in the midst of balancing motherhood and life seems like it would have to...
Before I became a mom, I thought I was okay and that I had healed from my childhood. However, after my daughter was born, I quickly found out that I hadn't. I have been a mother for two and a half years, and I am just scraping the tip of the iceberg of my trauma.
On the outside, most people would never know. I get up each morning, get myself and my child dressed, take my child to school, and then go to work. I’m a reliable, hard-working employee. I work hard to be the best mom and wife that I can be. But, I have depression and anxiety.
Disclaimer :: This sponsored post was crafted by the dental experts and Fort Worth Forth Moms Blog partners at Legacy Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry. When making your child's first dentist appointment, the question often comes up: Why should I worry about baby...
And that's just the trouble: In our booze-soaked culture, how do you really know if your chardonnay nightcap after a long day of momming is becoming a problem?
After giving birth, I didn't poop for EIGHT whole days. Yes, you read that right. EIGHT DAYS. Thankfully, my lovely nurse at Baylor Hospital in Grapevine, Texas, shared the secret to comfortable poops with me, and now I am here to share it with you.
Beth and Emily discuss with Dr. Kristen Criado, a pediatric psychologist, the ins and outs of parenting children who struggle with clinical anxiety. We ask allllll the questions, so tune in to find the answers that may turn into THE answers you need for your kiddo.

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