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From diet to exercise, making the health + safety of our families is a priority in order to feel our best. Use the health + safety category to find articles and resources written by other mamas and local professionals to help guide you on your mothering journey. 

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We do curls for our biceps, crunches for our abs, squats for our tush, eat a varied diet for our guts, brush our teeth, do cardio for our heart and lungs. But how should we take care of the health of our cervix?
Remember you cannot make someone leave an abusive relationship. If your force an intervention, you may be putting someone in a more volatile situation.
Between RSV, COVID, or anything long-term health related, there are many reasons your friends or family may end up in the hospital and staying for several days or even weeks. It is usually unexpected, and there are many ways to ease the burden.
By being a part of this whole journey with her, it has made me readily aware of different resources that I want to share with you. 
As adults, we tend to overcomplicate things or get too technical. If you plan your language out ahead of time, you can avoid doing that. Remember, all conversations are manageable if you keep age and maturity in mind.
Every admin we talked to says written encouragement is like a balm to their workers. Have your kids create pictures. Write notes of gratitude. Share your favorite quote. Use your words to build up and rally them on.

Living with Depression

I need to quit living for the applause and attention of others. I need to stop feeling so discouraged by the depravity of mankind shown in mean and hateful posts. I need to more fully embrace a life lived quietly and intentionally, as this is where I find more joy.

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