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The reason why certain foods are a choking hazard is because children under age four lack the ability to properly grind food before swallowing, and they aren’t strong enough to forcefully cough if something gets stuck in their throat
Beth and Emily discuss with Dr. Kristen Criado, a pediatric psychologist, the ins and outs of parenting children who struggle with clinical anxiety. We ask allllll the questions, so tune in to find the answers that may turn into THE answers you need for your kiddo.
It only took one month of the fertility cleanse to get me to ovulate. It was the thing I had been trying to do and was told that my body couldn’t do without rounds and rounds of treatment.
It is so easy to get wrapped up into the comparison game and allow for negative thoughts to muddy our goals and reality. The point of confident self-talk is to turn around something that we perceive as “bad” to find the good in it.
Prior to my accident, I would see kids and adults riding down our street without helmets and barely notice. Now, I have the urge to go full-on "old lady on the porch shaking her fist." 
As promised in the video, we've included a listing of local resouces and support for kiddos and parents struggling to navigate mental health challenges.
As more and more North Texans receive the COVID-19 vaccine, more and more questions whirl in our minds: Can we hug Grandma? Can we travel? Do we still need the mask?

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