I don't know about your kids, but mine never seem to get sick at a convenient time. I wish we lived in a world where kids never got sick. I truly hate to see them suffer at all, but...

I Want My Hot Mom Bod Back!

With the beginning of a new year, no matter how much we tell ourselves we will focus on more noble things, the reality is that many of us are focused on the following: I need to lose those 10...
First of all, let me go ahead and tell you that I am NOT a medical doctor. I'm just a concerned mom who had to carry her kid in for a whooping cough test last weekend, which prompted me...


If you're anything like me, maybe your New Years Resolution list looked something like this: 1. Stop watching Netflix on my e-reader and read my e-reader. (Darn you, Netflix app-my yearly BOOK IT! points dropped drastically from 3 to 1.5, guess...
Every evening on the local news, reports of deaths, statistics, and shot shortages fill my ears. Yep, it's flu season. While every winter, the media erupts with flu coverage and a flu frenzy spreads among the people (and certainly you...

How We Sweat

Many of us herald in the new year with a new set of goals and resolutions. On the top of many mom's lists are losing baby weight (new or long-standing) and getting in shape. We hope to be a...
With 2013 in the rear view mirror and 2014 beginning, it is a time for goals and New Year’s resolutions to be made. These goals and resolutions can result in new habits being formed or old habits being broken. For your...

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5 Important Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Summer Camp

Most camps will incorporate standard lake and field activities, but for additional growth and personal development, look for a camp that customizes the activity schedule for each camper resulting in the most independence for your camper.
Guide to Summer Camps

2021 Guide to Summer Camps