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From diet to exercise, the health + safety of our families is a top priority. Use the health + safety category to find articles and resources written by other mamas and local professionals to help you feel your best. 

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With the holidays right around the corner, many of us are strapped for time. We seem to always run out of time to get everything accomplished before we have company or travel out of town; nor do we make time to...

Flu Vaccine Facts

It is that time of year where the noses are snotty, coughs are nagging and the big debate rages on--should I or shouldn't I have my family get the flu vaccine? Vaccinations are definitely a hot topic, and I must...
It's cold and FLU season. So what'a s mom to do? Plan A Go all Little House on the Prairie and escape in my covered wagon with the kids, hubs, and good dog (Beagle can hold down the fort). I'll be like...

Sick Kids Are No Fun

It's that time of year - flu and cold season. I love cooler weather, but my goodness! It seems as though as soon as we get done with allergy season the sickness starts to swarm your home. I know...
My story begins December 31, 2006. I was 27 and had just gotten engaged ten days earlier to the man of my dreams. I had a job I loved teaching sixth grade. Life was good! I was in the...
The Setup If you're between the ages of 22 and infinity, you are well aware that wedding season is in full effect. This particular wedding was a fabulous black tie affair at a DC country club in late September. The...

Whole30 to the Hill14

August 1st my family and I embarked on the Whole30 challenge.  Never heard of Whole30? Whole30 is "Whole9’s original program designed to change your life in 30 days.  Think of it as a short-term nutritional reset, designed to help you...

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