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Mom guilt would strike at the most random times, and I would wonder if I should force the issue of sibling scavenger hunts and heart-shaped food?
Holidays don't have to continue to be what they have always been to be special. Holidays are special because they enrich our lives and honor what we care about, and the act of celebrating is good for our health....
Happy Halloween from our Fort Worth Moms Blog family to yours! Be safe, have fun, and celebrate the joys of childhood today. Oh, and please share pics of your pirates, princesses, bumblebees, monkeys, doctors, pumpkins, ballerinas and . . ....

To a Veteran, with Love

Growing up, I always knew that my Dad was a Vietnam veteran, though it wasn’t because he often spoke about it. Rather, he couldn’t avoid the questions his daughters asked, with childlike innocence, about the scars, bumps, and indents...
The entire Fort Worth Moms Blog team -- and a few of our friends and family -- shared our favorite egg hunt traditions, and a few new fun ideas to try this year. We hope these suggestions foster lasting memories, heaps of laughter, and some good ol' familial competition. Happy hunting!
Food is often celebrated as the most universal way of appreciating those in our lives. It is a love story unique to you and your family, whether it's recipes passed down through generations or memories of preparing favorite foods or sharing a meal with loved ones. By participating in culinary traditions, you open a window into the very blueprint of your family.
I don't know what his life situation is that he is trying to sell all these items on the side of the road. I don't know if he had to pry these toys from his children's hands and walk out the door as they cried. I don't know if he's selling his only can of shaving cream so he can buy food. I don't know if he has any support or help to make it through whatever crisis he may be experiencing.

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