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You can't assume anything is being taught. Find out what programming is taking place, and if nothing has been planned or you feel as if the programming is insufficient, ask the principal if you can create something for the students.
Make plans to celebrate in Fort Worth with your family this year! We have listed several ways through local events, books, shows, and more.
Nothing spells stressful like holiday family portraits. We recently took our family photos at the Kimbell Art Musuem. And while my dear friend and talented photographer, Amanda at Amanda Lynn Photography, worked to make it all a breeze, there...

Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Now that Halloween is officially over and the time change has messed with our kids' internal clocks (and ours too!), it's time to shift from carving pumpkins to pumpkin pie, from candy to turkey, and from "trick-or-treat" to "I...
Mama loves Pinterest. Where else would I find endless pictures of food photographed in the mysterious vortex where crockpot dishes look appetizing? Pinterest reigns with a mighty fist over my entire Target-loving, messy-bun-wearing, babysitter-dreaming kingdom. Pinterest makes us better one glue stick and can of creamed soup at a time. But occasionally, Pinterest inhales too much spray adhesive and needs to sit down and be quiet. I vote we get her an Uber prior to Valentine’s Day.
Curious where to trick-or-treat in Tarrant County? We've found the best spots around town to show off those costumes!
Times like these, ones in which we feel out of control, have the power to transform us. What feels like breaking may actually be exactly what is needed to move forward and to grow. Times like these cause us to step back and re-evaluate what really matters.

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Resources to Help with Summer Reading

Reading in summer is a fantastic opportunity to not only strengthen your kiddo's reading skills but also build a love for reading.