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Life at home is a really big deal for every mom. We wear a lot of hats, and sometimes we just need to hear an “atta girl” and find some inspiration to keep us going! The category of Home + Living features articles about every part of life at home — cleaning, organizing, home decor, etc. — as well healthy menu plans and recipes, parenting and health tips, must-have budget hacks, and the best go to resources in and around Fort Worth for living your BEST life! 

Fort Worth Moms publishes original, personal stories and advice from local moms, as well as relevant and fun information for those of us in the trenches of parenthood. 

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Before kids, I had a hard and fast rule: If you don't eat what I make, you don't eat. Seriously, I couldn't even type that with a straight face. That rule died hard and FAST. Now, faced with two children out of three with severe food aversions, I will make anything that is quick, easy, healthy, and can be deconstructed to please everyone. 
As a mother of four, I am at the grocery store every day a lot. I am continually waging a mental battle over the prices and products at each store. So for once in my life, I decided to be...
On a recent Saturday, my daughter and I completed some serious spring cleaning in her room that was long overdue. As we meticulously went through each drawer, hanger, and shelf, we made piles for recycling, trash, and donations. Some...
Once we whittled the pile down to a sensible amount, the kids accompanied me to a women’s shelter to deliver the excess toys. We toured the facility, and the boys got their first glimpse of what life looks like for some. I used it as a teaching moment about how lucky we are, and how we have an obligation to give back to people who are not as fortunate.
Cinderella. Prince Charming. Going paperless. You know -- fairy tales of great imagination and happily-ever-after that aren’t based in reality. I admit that I’m old-school about needing the paper version of some things and, although much of life has gone digital, I think I’m not the only one still trying to tame the paper beast. So, I’ll share a few tricks I’ve learned along the way.
This girl loves to shop. This girl also loves a good deal! So, when I discovered Give10Back.com and realized I could shop ridiculously good deals . . .
Boys are not exempt from household chores! In fact, I have learned they like to be helpful in the home when given the opportunity. The key is consistency in having a plan, providing them with explicit instruction, and modeling how you want things done first.

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