This episode provides several tips on ways to lower the grocery store bill and how increased prices are impacting the ability to use typical cost saving strategies, like bulk buying.
If you are looking for mom-to-mom advice about parenting teenagers, then this is THE episode for you. The end. It's that good. That's all we have to say. 
Why can't we keep our houses clean? What is the psychology behind the piles and the avoidance? How are our ideals paralyzing us? We tackle these questions and more in this episode of Momfessions Podcast.
Moral of the story? Let's celebrate each other . . . let's tell our gal pals why we appreciate them and need them!
Which episodes were the top five episodes of Momfessions Podcast in 2021? Listen and find out . . . right along with Emily, who went in to this episode clueless about the top posts.
That's right, your cervix may need some attention, ladies. Listen in for good tips, new recommendations, and a few laughs (because we are still middle school kids at heart).
Adios, goodbye, and maybe a bit of good riddance to 2021. Beth and Emily look back at the milestones of this year in all its parenting challenges and joys, finding new ways to make connections, and rediscovering so much about themselves.

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Resources to Help with Summer Reading

Reading in summer is a fantastic opportunity to not only strengthen your kiddo's reading skills but also build a love for reading.