Pioneer parent and team member Heather chats with Momfessions in this episode all about social media safety for our kids.
Join Beth and Emily -- wherever you are on this road and where they are -- to journey together . . . and to commit to learn more about how to dismantle racism in and through our parenting.
Summer traditions keep us sane. They are the serving as the center point of familiarity we can all gather around this summer. Yes, some traditions, like out-of-town vacations, may be paused or look different in 2020, but there are many traditions holding true -- even in the middle of the pandemic.
This episode is a bit longer than typical for Momfessions, but it is an important one that reflects on the generational damage caused by abuse and the hope cycle breakers can bring. It's not an easy question to answer -- how can you parent well after surviving abuse -- but it's one paramount to explore.
Beth and Emily chat about the importance of self-care, their own summer transitions, and which tips can really make a difference.
In this episode, Beth and Emily, along with some "phone-in" friends, talk about the really hard aspects of the new normal and the really beautiful joys that have risen out of it. We bet you can relate! Take and listen and share your pandemic burdens and beauties in the comments below.
We don't know about you, but we could REALLY use a laugh. So, we looked through all our mishaps and funny moments that never made the cut. We're sharing these in this bonus epsiode. Laugh with us and at us, please!

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