From "pillow" panties with ice packs and stool softeners to beautiful moments of joy and empowerment, Beth and Emily invite several ladies to share their best advice about child birth -- including how to navigate that process as an adoptive mom.
You're in luck! In this episode, Beth and Emily chat with the wonderful Chalna, who we've dubbed the "best elementary school mom ever." And what makes her so great? You'll just have to take a listen to hear her six rules and all her hilarious antics.
The best advice you've received about motherhood likely came from the people who know you best. In this episode of Momfessions Podcast, our team shares the best advice we've received from our mamas throughout the years.
We had ALLLLLL the questions about what a doula is, how she can give support during birth, and if this magical lady could walk through all of motherhood with us. (Hey, hey #motherhooddoula.) Cate Wiggins, our friend from First Spring Doula, answered each and every questions -- even the personal ones. Catch it all in this episode of Momfessions! 
Kristy hangs out with us to talk about vacation planning from a single mom's point of view, but her tips apply to us all.
Co-hosts Beth Ferreira and Emily Youree share their summer strategies, hoping you can relate, laugh, and gain some tips about what to do . . . and not do!
What are the most beautiful aspects of motherhood? What are the burdens being a mom gave you? Momfessions Podcast discusses the beauty and burden of motherhood and how it translates into sweet moments, funny stories, heartache, and challenges. Hosted by Beth Ferreira and Emily Youree, Momfessions is a Fort Worth Moms production.

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